Who we are

HighLight is the B2B supplier of an extensive collection of lighting fixtures and light sources for the European lighting industry. With more than 50 years of experience in the lighting industry, Jack Hoogland founded HighLight lighting in 1996. In the years that followed, sons Mischa and Amair Hoogland entered the company, making HighLight a valuable family business with exceptional expertise. We can proudly say that HighLight has been the manufacturer and supplier of many lighting businesses in Europe for 25 years!

Why choose HighLight lighting?

At HighLight we guarantee the following:

• Customization *: we deliver customization at all times. This means that our products can be adapted according to the wishes. During the design of lighting fixtures, account can be taken of color scheme or technical conditions.

• Own transport: in order to deliver our products in good condition, we have opted for our own logistics service. The customer therefore knows on which day and at what time delivery takes place;

• Large stocks: through our spacious warehouse we offer the possibility to keep a large stock of luminaires and light sources for our customers. As a result, they benefit from our large stock positions;

• Good price-quality ratio: we always supply affordable lighting fixtures and light sources at high quality;

• Technical expertise: Finally, we have technical expertise, which enables us to think along with our customers about technical issues.

* In addition to our permanent collections, we also supply custom projects on a project base.

A selection from our products